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    Default Bhai, my name is Khan: Salman

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    If you're not close to Salman Khan, do not call him Salman bhai ... And if you do, be ready to face his wrath.

    In a radio interview recently, the RJ made the mistake and had to face a stern Salman who coldly ordered, "Call me Salman Khan." Explaining why Salman was against the 'bhai', Siddharth Kannan said, "Salman doesn't like the fact that people unknown to him also called him Salman bhai.

    Just like Govinda doesn't like being called Chi Chi by strangers. Salman also said that he only likes it when his close friends and family call him bhai. When I explained to him that I looked up to him as my elder brother, he softened and said that I could address him as Salman bhai for the rest of the interview."

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