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    Default Beat me if you can, Aamir throws up a challenge

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    One can always trust Aamir Khan to be different and time and again he has been proving that. Now Aamir has thrown up an open challenge to his fans to play a game of scrabble with him.

    He asks is there any way that he can play scrabble on the net with his fans through his latest blog entry. He further adds, “I believe there is. Wouldn’t mind that at all.

    I should try and work all of this on this site itself. I mean what if like the chat (which doesn’t work so well right now) we could actually play some games live on this site? Maybe even chess? I should get my team to work on it.

    Like maybe 4 of us can play Scrabble, while anyone who wants to watch… can, …stuff like that. In fact we could make this space a kind of hangout where there is a lot more choice to do other stuff. Hmmm… lets see.”

    Aamir is known to be a master in scrabble and we are sure before throwing up this challenge the perfectionist Khan must have mastered the game so that he doesn't have to face defeat online as well.



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