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    Default Balki's next to feature Abhishek Bachchan

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    It is now going to be either Big B or Junior B in a film. Not the two of them together. At least not for a long time. And not unless something truly worthy of the father-son's presence comes along.

    In his next directorial venture Department, Ram Gopal Varma will manage to get the Big B and Abhishek to share screen space together. But not as father and son. Varma's Department would be the last film in a long time where we'll get to see the two Bachchans together in the same frame.

    Even close family friend Balki had to do some quick re-thinking on casting the two together. Balki, who was earlier planning to cast Big B and Abhishek together again after Paa has abandoned the idea.

    Now there's been further change of plans. Keen as Balki is to start his new film with Big B, it's Junior Bachchan who will get priority in his scheme of things. It has now been decided that Balki will first direct a film starring Abhishek before moving on to the project that he was planning with Big B.

    Says a source, "It was felt by both the Bachchan family and Balki that whatever Big B and the director do together next, would have to go into territory that would take them beyond Cheeni Kum and Paa. Though Balki has cracked a terrific idea involving a mature autumnal couple's relationship, he still feels he needs to work on the subject to make sure that the Big B's presence would be justified a third time around in the director's repertoire."
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