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    Default Asin canít be scared easily

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    When we bumped into Asin recently the actress told us about a prank that was played on her during the shoot of London Dreams.

    But no, the actress didnít have any complaints because she saw through it. And she suspects that Bollywoodís Prankster No 1 Ajay Devganwas the brain behind the prank.

    ďI was about to leave my van for a shot when this tall, African guy barged into my van and started shouting and being aggressive. But I just didnít react and allowed him to go on making noise. After a while he got tired of it and didnít know what to do. He expected that I would either get upset and start crying or start shouting at him. But I didnít do any of that. I told him that if he was done he could leave my van. He laughed and said that the guys outside had asked him to carry out this act. I couldnít figure out who tried to pull the stunt, but Ajay was the one who looked the most disappointed amongst them all,Ē she laughs.



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