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    The actress was admitted to a hospital with an acute sinus condition; is expected to be out soon

    Asin who has been working round-the-clock lately was admitted to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital on Monday morning with an acute sinus condition.

    She is expected to be out after treatment in a couple of days. But according to some people Asin's hospitalization on Eid was because she was suffering from acute exhaustion.

    However, sources at the hospital saw the young chirpy actresses whistling, humming and singing Hindi film songs with the nurses.

    Says a source close to Asin, "Asin was admitted to hospital, not for exhaustion but an acute sinus condition. She had been neglecting it for quite some time now. But the sinus situation had to be attended to. She was in great spirits, her usual chirpy and friendly self, singing even as her treatment was being done."

    Asin's condition got aggravated because of night shooting for London Dreams.
    Says the source, "She had no choice but to be hospitalised to have treatment. She waited until Eid when there was break from work."

    This particular hospital was chosen because it's close to Asin's home in Andheri.
    Though the actress herself was unavailable for comment, her father Joseph Thottumkal who was with her in hospital said, "Yes she's in hospital. Nothing to worry about. All this is part of my daughter's growing up."


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