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    Default Asin is home alone!

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    Asin learns to cope with dad in hospital

    Asinís devoted dad refuses to get surgery done in spite of the acute pain. Joseph Thottumkal currently in hospital has been attending to all of his daughterís business calls from the bed.

    ďHe's on drip. No food allowed. Na ghar ka na hospital ka...and still heís constantly on the phone discussing and confirming my prior engagements. Heís very clear on one thing. Under no circumstance am I supposed to let any of my commitments suffer because of his hospitalisation,Ē says the proud, devoted, emotional and slightly bereft but strong daughter
    , unwilling to show her emotions.

    As her father prepares to go under the knife for an appendectomy, for the first time in her life Asin has to managed her life and career without her father.

    To compound her distress, Asinís mother, whoís a doctor, is also spending as much time with Joseph Thottumkal as possible, leaving Asin with no choice but to fend for herself in the house.

    ďMy father was in pain for sometime. He tried to play it down, took painkillers. But then it got worse. And we were unable to go to my native place in Kerala to cast my vote for the Lok Sabha elections. For the first time in my professional career I found myself traveling alone to Bangalore for a commitment. It felt... different. But one has to manage. Iíd like to believe Iím quite a capable girl.Ē

    Asin returned from Bangalore on Sunday and rushed straight to the Kokilabhen Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital where her father had been admitted. ďItís quite near to where we live, yet seems so far away....Ē

    Though she puts up a brave front it isnít easy. ďThatís why he has been avoiding getting into the hospital. He felt if he was off his feet my work would suffer. But this time Iím determined to prove him wrong. Iíll continue my work in his absence. In fact Iím going to be shooting for an ad today, Tuesday. Will I miss my dad? He has taught me to be a strong girl.Ē

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