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    Default Asin: What’s the ‘daal’ all about?

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    Yeah, even we were wondering, what’s the big deal about daal. We mean daal-chawal, is daal-chawal after all, na?


    Well, for the unit of London Dreams the khane-ka-dabba, especially the daal, coming from Asin’s kitchen was a big deal. Our sources tell us that the lunch break was like a mega-event on the sets, and it looked nothing short of a community lunch center. It had become such a routine that sometimes even Salman would join in, opening up his share of home-made food for the crew.

    On days when Asin’s mom sent her special daal, the rest of the unit would wait for their turn to dip into the healthy and tasty pulse diet. Even the Punju boys, we mean the hard-core paratha and chicken tikka eaters, would leave their food for some staple ‘Asin Special Daal and Rice’. That’s a good one on the menu isn’t it? We meant only the daal, okay. Not the damsel!



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