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    Default Ash is one of a kind: Mallika

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    Mallika Sherawat may be seen in all the right places these days, but she sure remembers to give credit where it’s due.

    Complimenting her on a social networking site on her high-profile outings, a fan wrote, “Mallika, you sure are making waves ... and we all thought Ash will be doing it.”

    Mallika promptly replied, “Thanks, but Ash makes waves all her own. She’s one of a kind!”

    She recently became the first Bollywood star to be bestowed with an Honorary Citizenship and Official Resolution by the City of Los Angeles. Mallika received the honour during a ceremony at Los Angeles City Hall on the eve of the Indian Independence Day.

    The “humbled” actor expressed, “First Indian actor to get a "recognition" by City of LA. Not bad, eh?” and updated, “Big day tomorrow! LA City Hall. History will be made ... You'll b happy to know I'm wearing a suit! Dolce and Gabbana, of course!”

    Earlier, she wrote, “OMG! The City of Los Angeles just gave me the honour of a Resolution in my name ... What a day! Janmashtami! Indian Independence Day! Jai!”

    Mallika, who is also making waves in her snake avatar in Hissss, joked, “I look hotter as a Sssnake than as a human? Should I just get the operation then?”

    Keep going, Mallika!

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