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    may not be Ash but I've honor too
    The enire Endemol-Celina Jaitley row has now taken an ugly turn. We hear that the former Miss India is fuming over Pooja Bedi's remarks in which the latter defended Endemol employee's Anand Chavan.

    "I have admired Pooja Bedi since I was in Standard 1. I don't know why Pooja should have spoken on this, when she is no way involved with Fear Factor. Anyway, let her have her fifteen seconds of fame," remarks Celina.

    The actress has also sent a legal notice to Endemol saying that she has enough material to prove that the theirl employee was indeed stalking her.

    Talking to a leading tabloid Celina tells, "Anand Chavan, has been constantly harassing me to do the show. He sent me flowers and champagne bottles. Also, he sent me several text messages. He even messaged me saying that he is interested in working with me as my 'business manager'."

    "I am being mentally harassed. My name has been used to sell a product without my consent. I may not be Ash or Kareena but I am Celina Jaitley, nothing less or more. I have the right to defend my name.

    In my notice, I have also demanded that hereafter no employee of Endemol will call and harass me. Endemol is a fine company, but it needs to keep its employees in check," she adds.



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