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    Smile Ash defends her miniscule role in Pink Panther 2

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    Aishwarya Rai in a statement to the press has given a new spin to her limited role in Pink Panther 2.

    She had made big headlines when she was being signed up for the film, with the domestic press terming it as her big Hollywood break, opposite none other than Steve Martin.

    But with the recent release of two trailers of the film, both of which featured her in a blink and you miss appearance, it appeared obvious that her role in the film was quiet a negligible one. Pretty embarrassed perhaps, Aish's PR machinery is now hard pressed to defend the actor's decision to sign up for the film.

    Here is what the actress is quoted as saying -

    "I loved Peter Sellers as inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series when I was a kid and watched these films. It was hilarious, a laugh riot and a thorough family entertainer. People across different age groups love The Pink Panther because the films always bring a smile to one's face, " Ash says.

    "When I was offered this film, I was really excited as for me I was doing something which I have loved seeing as a child. It was a fun film which I would enjoy working in. The film did not require me to do intense acting and I did not have to look forward to scoring points as it had an ensemble cast of terrifically talented actors.

    I wanted to have a good time with all of them and I said a yes to the project. I'm not expecting critical acclaim or something from this film since the film is not about me, it's about Steve Martin and The Pink Panther."

    Harald Zwart directed Pink Panther 2, headlining Steve Martin is slated for release on February 6, 2009.

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    Lol poor ash.

    It would be nice if she would act in that movie.

    Thanks bro

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    Thank you so much for sharing



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