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    Default Ash-Bebo dance ends family war!

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    Karan Joharís birthday party on Monday evening turned out to be an occasion of at least one grand

    One canít say the camaraderie between Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor-almost-Khan that became openly dicernible for all to see that evening, came as a complete surprise.

    However to see them laughing, giggling, whispering and behaving like two long-lost sahelis was something that did bring a smile to all the inviteesí faces and added that extra zing to Karanís glamour-gorged party.

    Easily the highlight of the evening was the two girls Aishwarya and Kareena taking to the dance floor and dancing together thereby bringing down to the dust the long-standing cold war between the Bachchans and Kapoors that started when Abhishekís relationship with Karismaís sister had come to an end.

    In retaliation the Bachchans decided to sever all relations with the Kapoors, leaving the baffled Kareena high and dry.

    Kareena had cried before a mutual friend wondering how was it her fault if her sister and Abhishek broke up.

    Mischief-making journalists had tried to instigate Kareena by telling her Abhishek was refusing films with her, prompting the emotional girl to react angrily and defiantly.

    Tempers between the two families have cooled down considerably. Very recently, through the subtle efforts of Aishwarya and Karan Johar from both ends, the two families had begun to dissolve their differences.

    During the release of Abhishekís Drona last year the director Goldie Behl even tried to invite Kareena and her sister to the premier.

    But perhaps the wounds hadnít healed completely.

    Karanís party on Monday evening did the trick. The two lovely ladies made a portrait of warmth and bonhomie.

    In fact very recently Kareena had indicated to me her partiality towards Aishwarya when she said she loved the way Aishwarya conducted her career after marriage and would love to conduct her career the same way.

    Now after the dance of rapprochement between the two captivating screen queens at Karanís birthday itís only a matter of time before Abhishek and Kareena finally come together again for a film after Refugee and Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon.

    And chances are Karan Johar would design the project.

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