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    Default Arjun Rampal: I will pay to get a role in ROCK ON 2

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    Apna National Award winning actor Arjun Rampal confessed that he will pay to get a role in ROCK ON 2 this week on 'Up, Close and Personal with PZ'. He also said that he identified with the character of Joe in ROCK ON as he was going through a similar struggle at that time. Speaking more about his films he informed Preity of having worked really hard forRA.ONE and the fact that he's honored to be a part of the dream project built by SRK. He even got emotional talking about his earlier days in the industry and of the rocky roads he had seen before he bounced back to the limelight.

    Arjun Rampal

    Catching up on old times, Arjun gave out a little secret about the lady luck of his life. Earlier before he got into modeling, he would have posters of Mehr pasted on his hostel walls and would aspire to someday be married to her. He also spoke about being a possessive father of two beautiful daughters, so possessive that he wished to have four sons - two each for protecting each of his daughters.

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    but now farhan akhtar is busy in promoting don 2

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