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    Default ::::: AR Rahman SLAMS the WRITER of his Unauthorised BIOGRAPHY :::::

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    Mumbai, June 10: Success comes at a price and it seems, to have cost AR Rahman his much-treasured privacy. The Mozart of Madras, who has the world grooving to his winning anthem ‘Jai Ho’ from Oscar favourite ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, is a peeved man these days and it’s all owing to the unending media glare and notorious individuals trying to cash on the reticent musicians’ success.

    After several political parties used or rather abused his creation ‘Jai ho’ for their own political vendetta, it’s the musician’s much anticipated ‘authorised biography’ that is giving him sleepless nights.

    The book titled ‘AR Rahman: The Musical Storm’ had been widely publicised as the singer’s biography and has made numerous headlines for being the singer’s only biography till date. But according to Rahman, the so-called ‘authorised biography’ is completely unauthorised as the writer Kamini Mathai has not received his consent.

    Speaking to media a visibly piqued Rahman said, “The claim that it’s an authorised biography is wrong."

    The singer is reportedly not amused by this cheap stunt used by the involved individuals to capitalise on his success.

    A news daily even quoted a source as saying, “Though Rahman is oblivious to the outside world and doesn’t understand the commercial aspects of his superstardom, he isn’t oblivious to the ‘Cash in on Rahman’ factory that flourishes far and wide.”

    And for a maestro, who is known for his originality, Rahman will be writing his own biography thereby, giving a first hand account of his life.
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