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    Red face I had never approached Kareena

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    I had never approached Kareena
    By Subhash K Jha

    After shooting non-stop for Gol Maal Returns in Goa Ajay Degvan had no choice but to take a longish break, for almost a month.

    "I had no choice in the matter. It was my daughter Nysa's command. And she's the only woman in my life who can make me dance around her little finger. Now that she's all of 5 her demands are far more vocal."

    It was daughter Nysa who noticed Ajay's absence from the Devgan household. "I had been shooting non-stop for U Me Aur Hum. Then after the promotion and press for my film I left for Goa for Gol Maal. That didn't go down well with my daughter."

    Last month Little Nysa forced Ajay to cancel all his engagement and be at home. "And you know what? I actually enjoy her bullying. I loved spending time with her."

    This was the first time that Ajay spent so much time with his daughter. And he wants to make a habit out of it.

    But isn't there trouble ahead, what with Kajol agreeing to finally say yes to another feature film and that too, to be shot far away from home in the US?

    "You mean Karan Johar's film?" Ajay catches on. "No that won't be a problem. I will try to spend as much time with Nysa as possible. But otherwise my parents are as good as us for her.

    Nysa looks at my father and mother as much her own parents. She believes she has two sets of parents. So leaving her at home is not a problem."

    As for Kajol working again Ajay is the epitome of a liberal husband. "She's an extremely talented artiste and we all look forward to her films. I'm very happy that she's working again. She should and must do exactly what makes her happy."

    Speaking on his directorial plans Ajay says the casting is a long way off.

    "I read that I had approached Kareena which was news to me. I haven't finalized my script. So how can I ask her or any other actor to be part of my next film?

    For now I'm happy to have Kareena as my co-star in Gol Maal Returns. In fact we leave for Bangkok in a couple of days to shoot the last song. The sequel is much bigger than the first part. "

    So will Kajol be in all his films? "Definitely not! Why should she be in all our productions? In fact even I won't star in all the films I direct. Casting would depend entirely on suitability. And if I feel some other actor suits my next film I direct I won't cast myself in my next film."

    Ajay has no regrets about his first directorial venture. "I could blame the IPL for the film's performance. But that would just be an excuse. U Me Aur Hum was never designed as a blockbuster.

    It dealt with a serious issue and we got the audience that we wanted. It touched people's hearts. My happiest moment was when the other day I got to know a call centre in Mumbai has put up 'U Me Aur Hum' as their slogan."

    Ajay finally gets dreamy. "I want to blend out-and-out entertainers like Gol Maal Returns with a more meaningful cinema. Both are equally important."



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