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    Default Why should I apologise to Ranbir?

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    Sonam Kapoor, no longer close to the Kapoor boy, talks about her new friend Shahid and why she can never think like Deepika

    In recent Interview :-

    How did you get Pankaj Kapur's Mausam?

    It all began with Shahid (Kapoor) calling me up. There are three reasons why I accepted the offer: (1) I am a big fan of Pankaj Sir, (2) I loved the script and (3) I had never worked with Shahid.

    Pankaj Kapur is known to be a very hard taskmaster...

    Not with me. He never raised his voice at me. He knew that I prepared a lot before coming to the sets. I imbibed a lot from his narrations. But yes, every actor is different and Pankaj Sir dealt with each one of us differently. Once I met him, I knew that I wouldn't be sidelined in the film even though his son was the hero.

    And did his son live up to his reputation of being a meddler?

    I haven't worked with Shahid before Mausam, so I don't know how he behaves otherwise. But during the filming of Mausam, he was extremely respectful of his father and obeyed him completely. I know there were rumours of Shahid and me not getting along as well. The truth is, Shahid and I share a very good equation. We are good friends. Just because I am not having an affair with my hero, doesn't mean I don't get along with him. Let me tell you something about him...

    Go on…

    He doesn't give a damn about what he wears. He is too much of a teenager who dresses up like an 18-year-old skateboarder. He can pull off just about anything without raising eyebrows. But...and it's hilarious...he is extremely worried about his hair.

    But you, on the other hand, are too particular about what you wear.

    I don't wear tight dresses that outline my butt. I refuse to get into body hugging tops with spandex simply because it doesn't fit my body type. I do not believe in cosmetic surgeries either. I think, every single imperfection adds to your beauty. I'd rather be imperfect than perfect. And yes, I have a certain sense of aesthetics. Think about it... I still look good in both Indian and Western wear. (And she winks)

    Maybe not tight clothes, but would you ever sport a bikini?

    I don't have a body like Deepika Padukone or Bipasha Basu. But if it's a beach scene, I surely can't wear a salwar kameez, right?

    Speaking about Deepika, why haven't you two resolved your cold war?

    She is sweet if and when we meet. However, we haven't met since we made an appearance on Karan Johar's show. We don't have time, I guess. Also, for two people to be friends, they need to think alike, isn't it?

    Correct me if I'm wrong... but you are not apologetic about your remarks against Ranbir on Karan Johar's show.

    No correction required. You are not wrong. Well, it was Ranbir who started it all by saying 'Sonam is not sexy'. I just shot back and said 'Ranbir is not sexy'. If a man says it, chalta hai. But when a woman says the same thing, nahi chalta hai? That's sexist! Why should I say 'sorry' to him? Just because his father made a hue and cry about it? If Ranbir apologises to me, I shall too.

    So, you don't talk to Ranbir anymore...

    I don't know Ranbir anymore. He is not my friend now. I did have offers to act opposite him but I turned them down. And that's simply because I thought that those roles did not suit me. If I get something nice, I'll act with him. It isn't necessary for me to be friends with all my actors.

    How do you judge whether a role suits you or not?

    Depends on my mood. I am eccentric.(Smiles)

    Punit Malhotra?

    What about him? He was my director in I Hate Luv Storys.

    You are dating him...

    I shall talk about my personal life if and when I decide to get married. That day is yet to come.
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