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    Default Anushka Sharma: I hate golgappas and ate 30 of them

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    Anushka Sharma: I hate golgappas and ate 30 of them

    A fortnight after her film released, debutant Anushka Sharma is still lapping up all the praise coming her way. Sitting comfy with a three film contract with YRF, newbie Anushka Sharma talks about Aditya Chopra, SRK and her pet film, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

    Tell us about your first day of shooting.
    It was the 16th of May. I remember it clearly, in details. It is the shot where Suri and Taani have just got married and I was sitting with my back to the camera. SRK came as Suri and I didn't recognize him. I was a little nervous, excited and awkward because there were so many people around and I thought I would go blank. But SRK put me completely at ease. I don't know how a film becomes a hit but when we were making it, I knew it would be a hit.

    Tell us about working with SRK
    SRK is the King of Romance and he makes any scene look novel. He is one of the best people I have met. Even when I am an old lady I will remember him as one of the best people I have met in my life. He is such an experienced actor but such a young guy at heart; he is younger than most teenagers I know! He is so much fun to be with.

    We don't know much about Adi. What can you tell us?
    Adi is very passionate about his work and cannot see beyond his work. I totally respect that he wants to do his job and not come out. In my opinion, I think that if he would come out, he would be like this big star or celebrity. So, he wants to stay grounded and be able to observe normal, regular and everyday human emotions so he can capture them in his films. He is also very open-minded. I have a three film contract with YRF but it is not rigid. Adi is there to guide me and I am free to do movies outside the banner if something really good comes along. I have been getting a lot of offers but have been really busy with the promotions. I will start reading the scripts once the promotion is over.

    Are you happy with your promotion after the release of the movie?
    Yes, completely. It is nerve wracking to give interviews and I am glad it has been promoted this way because I could completely focus on my work. I didn't feel the need to talk to the press at that time because what could we have talked about then? How tall I am or how ugly I am? Now, that people have seen the film and they know Taani and me so there are so many things to talk about.

    Taani didn't recognize her husband without a moustache. Isn't that illogical?
    It is a movie so everything is not supposed to be shown. And what is logic anyway? Now Taani looks through Suri and doesn't notice anything about him at all. And no one would imagine that a simple guy like Suri could become a crazy guy like Raj. Even I didn't recognize Shah Rukh in his Suri avatar.

    Did you learn to ride a bike as you do in the movie?
    Yes, I learnt to ride a 650 cc bike in a day and I am really proud of myself for that. So I rode the bike. Before the scene, I just asked Shah Rukh what he would do if we fell down. So he said, "Main toh kood jaaonga. Tum ko leke kood jaaonga!" and we fell down. Now, he is so smart that he used his presence of mind and pulled me aside and pushed the bike to the wall otherwise I would have hit the wall and got badly bruised.

    And what about the 'golgappa' scene? Weren't you concerned about the calories?
    Well, I ate 30 golgappas and I actually hate them. I am metabolically blessed and remain thin no matter what I eat. I can eat anything and everything.

    What is your take on being compared to Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor? Who is your competitor?
    I don't think it is fair to compare to Deepika because she is two films old and I am a newcomer. But that is bound to happen because we have similar backgrounds: both models from Bangalore and both of us debuted opposite SRK. I don't think I look like Sonam at all, our features are very different! I don't think about competing with anyone because everyone is doing their job to the best they can.

    Who are your favourite actresses? Do you have a dream role?
    I love Kajol and Rani Mukerji. I have even met Rani. I would love to play Wonderwoman or Superman's female version.

    Lastly, Taani ko Suri mein Rab dikhta hai. Who do you feel that way for?
    I think 'Tujh mein Rab dikhta hai' means to see the goodness in a person. Honestly, I haven't seen Rab in anyone like that. I am single and I hope I find Rab in somebody soon



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