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    It takes two to tango. Papa Rakesh
    Roshan learnt that from son Hrithik Roshan and director Anurag Basu during the making of
    Hrithik Roshan
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    While Anurag’s plans met with strict resistance from the film’s producer Rakesh Roshan, the leading man of Kites, Hrithik appreciated Anurag’s working style, much to the director’s delight. However, this led to another problem as the actor’s father didn’t take too kindly to the growing camaraderie between his son and Anurag. The difference of opinion escalated to such an extent that papa and beta would often end up arguing on the sets of Kites.

    Commenting on the various issues they squabbled over, a source said, “Rakesh wanted Hindi songs, while Anurag and Hrithik believed the film didn’t require them. Rakesh also wanted more close-up shots whereas Hrithik loved Anurag’s slick style, which was apparent in his earlier films like Gangster and Murder. Rakesh wasn’t convinced with Hrithik’s style of acting in Kites. He felt Hrithik had underplayed. Rakesh wanted Hrithik to be far more dramatic, but Anurag and Hrithik stuck to the latter’s opinion of not going over-thetop.”

    And who had the last word? The source said, “Anurag and Hrithik managed to convince Rakesh every time, albeit with great difficulty. Woh dono saath the aur isliye unka palla bhaari tha. Rakesh comes from the old school of filmmaking whereas Anurag and Hrithik have a vision, which is in sync with today’s times.”

    Despite the difference of opinion, not a single scene was reshot. “It took a long time for the three minds to align. Thankfully, as most of the arguments took place before the film went on the floors, there were no re-shoots,” said the source.

    Maintaining a neutral stand, Anurag simply said, “We had our share of discussions and arguments, which happens every time one makes a film.”

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