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    Default Anil Kapoor`s second honeymoon

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    After an exhilarating time at BAFTA (The British Academy of Film & Television Arts) on Sunday evening where he hobnobbed with Matt Damon, Mickey Rourke and Harvey Weinstein, Anil Kapoor took off for Paris on Monday night with his wife Sunita for what qualifies as a second honeymoon.

    Getting uncharacteristically romantic and nostalgic, the actor suddenly takes a journey into his courtship days. “During our student days, Sunita and I had gone to Nice in France with friends.”

    It was there that love really blossomed. Anil blushes as he recalls, “Those were the days. We had no money. I remember I had 10-15 francs in my pocket and I wanted to show Sunita the entire city on that! We’d have a hearty breakfast in the hotel and I’d stuff the bread from the hotel in my pocket to eat later for lunch.”

    Anil had vowed he would take Sunita back to France one day. Says the actor, “We’re taking a train from London to Paris. It’s all very romantic. It’s a rare holiday for us. Though Paris is Sonam’s favourite city, she couldn’t accompany us because she’s shooting.”

    Anil had done his round of socialising before he took off with his wife. He describes the evening at BAFTA, “Do you know, I shook hands with and congratulated Katheryn Bigelow the minute she got the best director award? It was such a glorious moment for women directors. Everyone thought James Cameron would get it for Avatar.”

    Anil also got to spend time with his friend Mickey Rourke. The two got close when he was promoting Slumdog Millioniare at the Oscars in Los Angeles.

    Anil also got to meet and spend time with Matt Damon. “In fact,” says Anil excitedly, “Matt and I were on the same table and spent a lot of time discussing cinema. Of course, he has seen Slumdog... It’s astonishing how much Matt knew about Indian cinema.”
    The other actor Anil hugely enjoyed fraternising with was Christopher Waltz who won the best supporting actor award for Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. Anil says, “I loved Christopher’s speech.

    He said if there was no Quentin, no Brad Pitt and no co-actors and technicians, he wouldn’t be there. I’ve always believed in that work ethic. Filmmaking is a team effort and an actor is just a part of that team.”



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