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    Default Angry Salman Khan strikes again!

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    By ZeeNews, 4 April, 2009
    Angry Salman Khan strikes again!Famously infamous Salman Khan once again flew into relentless rage. Known for his unprecedented fits of fury, the angry old man of Bollywood lost his cool and knocked down a photographer.

    Sounds familiar right? After all this isnít the first time Sallu has landed in such wrathful antics. The actor was recently under arc lights for slamming his Barbie Katrina after she refused to stop working with Akshay. Thereby infuriating the Khan who punished her with one tight slap.

    This time round however, the photographer in question had some lucky angel smiling down at him as the actor refrained from getting physical. All Sallu did was raise his hand and scare off the poor photographer.

    Buzz states that Salman, oblivious of his star power, was riding his bike on one of the busiest streets of Mumbai.

    Spotted by a photographer, the man decided to make use of the opportunity by clicking Salluís sweaty pictures.

    On noticing the photographer, Sallu not only attacked him verbally by hurling abuses but also snatched his camera. The actor reportedly asked the photographer, " Main sh** karunga toh uski bhi photo loge".

    And if he himself wasnít enough the buffed up actor instructed his bodyguards to grab the camera and do away with the pictures.

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