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    Post Angry John not doing Blue 2, slams director

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    Anthony DíSouza has got on John Abrahamís bad side.

    The director has been going around telling the media that John will be working with him on Blue 2 as well as a film called Aerial where he will star opposite Sonal Chauhan. John denies even discussing any film with Anthony.

    John usually doesnít flare up this way and respects newcomers a lot but he isnít pleased with Anthonyís behaviour at all.

    John has made it clear that it wasnít right on Anthonyís part to spread false rumours like this. Anthony has apologized and said that he wonít mention Johnís name in the media again.

    John confirmed the news and stated that he doesnít wish to be rude and he is touched that Anthony really wants to work with him. But he is not part of either Blue 2 or Aerial.
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