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    Smile Amul takes on Quick Gun Murugan !!!

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    One can easily trust Amul with the most creatively creative artworks that reflect issue that is very now and very today! After having mirrored a zillion topics, Amul is back to what it does best…cartoons that carry a message... a message of ideation, a message of super creative brains!

    The latest one from Amul's stable is none other than that of (the most expected) 'Talk of the town', who all of you know as 'Quickgun Murugan'. The cartoon strip that Amul has come up with this time has a spoof of Quickgun Murugan that has the 'slo-gun'...we mean slogan reading 'Find It' which apparently rhymes in the same rhythm as Quickgun Murugan's catchphrase 'Mind It'.

    'Quickbun; Maska Done' is how the ad gets wrapped up. All in all, the spoof on Quickgun is surely an ad that's worth its salt...we mean...butter! Way to go, Amul guys!
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    Thank You Very Much



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