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    Default I am not a Nun: Tansuhree Dutta

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    I am not a Nun: Tansuhree Dutta
    With a power packed performance in her film "Rama The Savior", in which she has been cast opposite Saahil Khan, Tansuhree Dutta has joined the league of action stars in Bollywood.

    Hadi Ali Abrar is directing the film, which according to Tanushree is not a mythological film but an out and out action adventure thriller. "I play the unconventional role of a strong girl called Sameera in this film.

    When I heard the script, I realized that I would be in comfort zone when I do the role", quips Tanushree when I meet her at her cozy apartment for this interview.

    Believe it or not, to prepare herself for the role and get into the skin of her character in the film, Tanushree even went through a crash course in taekwondo with the action director of the film Peter Han.

    "The role that I am doing in "Raama The Savior" has been inspired by Lara Croft in Tomb Rider. What I liked about the film is the fact that it is not a violent film and hence meant even for kids.

    I had to get my posture correct and undergo a lot of training in weight to shrink because the role needed me to lose my weight. "

    Says Tanushree excitedly. "It is for the first time in my career that I am doing a role like this. I even refused to let a double do some of the toughest action sequences.

    Then harder that I was pushed I felt the better was my performance. The USP of the film was that though there was no scope to show my emotion, I had ample scope to show my anger. I am glad that I bagged the role since the choice was narrow for actresses who would be willing to do a role like this. "

    Tanushree has no regrets that she agreed to do a film like this with a new director and a hero like Saahil Khan who has not been able to make his presence felt in Bollywood.

    "Today in Bollywood there is a different wave. Today a film like Bheja Fry has clicked in a big way whereas big films like Love Story 2050 and Drona has tanked at the box office because the perception of the movie going public is changing drastically.

    I feel that it would be very boring to play the same kind of role in film after film and decided to take a chance because I wanted to be part of the change that would bring me happiness. "

    Tanushree is practical. "Look here. I know that the biggest of the banners and the heroes would not come to me because I do not have a mega blockbuster film behind me. However, the films that I have done till now have all helped me grow as an actress and prove that I am quite versatile because I have not played safe by resorting to being typecast as an actress. "

    Tanushree says that just to keep her busy she does not believe in signing each and every film that is dangled in front of her.

    "I have said No to a lot of offers but I have no regrets. I do not deny that I have been also part of bad films like Speed too in the initial days of my career because I was told that jo dikhta hain who hi iss industry mein biktha hain, but I am happy that I did not ruin my career by doing a lot of bad films.

    If I had, I cannot even hope that a film maker like say Yash Chopra would ever approach me with an offer to cast me in his film. "

    Tanushree recently got into a spat recently with Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn OK Pleass. Talking about then unsavory incident, she says. "Men have always their own way of controlling situations around them. One way of that is by forcing themselves on others.

    Even women do that. I as a person do not like to be controlled. I like keeping a distance from others in general. If I like a person, it is different. I am not a Nun or a puritan. Nor am I promiscuous by nature.

    I do not like people encroaching my private space at any cost. Just because I appear to be peaceful it does not mean that I do not have an aggressive side to me".

    Tanushree says that though there are people like Nana Patekar, with whom she did an item number for the film Horn OK Pleass and Shona Urvashi who had directed Saas Bahu Aur Sensex who have tried to break her credibility in the industry, she is happy that there are directors like Priyadarshan and Subhash Ghai who have only words of praise as far as her professionalism is concerned.

    "I have worked with Priyadarshan in Bhaagam Bhaag and Subhash Ghai in Good Boy Bad Boy. None of them has said anything against me. I may not be the best of the actresses around today in Bollywood but can vouchsafe for the fact that I have the psyche of a professional. "

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