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    Default I am left with few friends in the industry’

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    Salman Khan gets witty and catty at the launch of his game-show 10 Ka Dum How does it feel to be back on 10 Ka Dum?

    Frankly, I am surprised that after troubling them so much, the channel still wants me back. Earlier I had some date problems, but now it is all cleared and I am back shooting for the show. Jokes apart, obviously the show did well in the first season which is why we are back. When I had done the mock rehearsals during the first season, I knew it would work.

    But we heard, you had to take a pay-cut?

    Yes, I have. With the economy going through a recession, one is left with no choice. Even for films, prices have fallen, specially the satellite rights and ad revenues have reduced. However, producers have already spent on the production so actors have to start cutting down on their prices.

    Is that why you are not bringing your celeb friends on the show?

    Frankly, I have been left with very few friends in the industry!
    How would you react if Shah Kukh Khan came on your show?
    He is more than welcome. In fact, it will be his good fortune.

    Whom would you like to invite as your guests?

    Govinda, Sunny Deol, Dharamji and Sanjay Dutt will be good. We share a good chemistry. Two actresses whom I would love to have on my show are Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi.

    What about Claudia Ciesla?

    She had come home once and has met my family. That’s all there is to it.
    Will we see any new elements in the show?
    There will be new ideas but that will happen impromptu on the show.
    Why is it being aired only once a week?
    The producers and the channel have taken a call on it. I would love to do it twice a week, though.

    Has being a part of the show and interacting with the lay man brought any changes in your personality?

    There’s nothing to change. I am exactly like what I am on the show... depending on my mood! Shooting for long stretches under the arc lights, there are times when I get hugely pakaoed with someone and I tend to lose my cool but that lasts for just five seconds. After that I am overtly nice to the person, telling him/her not to get upset and even click pictures together.
    There’s a feeling that you have mellowed down.
    It is part of growing up. Earlier I used to react to everything that was written about me so people were scared. Now, I have stopped reacting so they have become bold enough to write stories that don’t have an iota of truth in it.

    What is your take on the producer-plex issue?

    If the senior producers get together for negotiations, the issue can be sorted out in five minutes. But egos have come in between. Each one is waiting to see who will break first.

    If you were to negotiate how would you go about it?

    I would even take a percentage from the money earned on popcorn and snacks sold at multiplexes. After all, without a film in the theatre who will they sell to?

    Which are your next releases?

    First to be released is Wanted followed by Mr & Mrs Khanna and Veer. If I thought my action film Wanted was the most difficult, Veer is even more tough is because it is a costume drama based in the 18th Century. But I had to go back to that century because it’s hard to find a real man in today’s times!

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