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    Shah Rukh Khan caught in a tell- all mood, about his new film, life and being media savvy!

    Why did you choose a film like Billu?
    All my films till date have been ordinary! The audiences are the ones who make my films extraordinary. My films deal with simple and sensitive issues. Moreover, ordinary and realistic stories are what people connect best with!

    You are playing yourself in the film.
    I am playing a superstar, not myself! The character is over the top and larger-than life. My role in Luck By Chance was more like me. It?s funny but there are people who ask me if I have gold taps installed in my bathroom. I don?t know how to react to such things because I am a simple man in my home!

    Why didn?t you choose Billu?s role?
    I tried fighting with Priyadarshan for Billu?s role but he did not want me to do that. I tried my best but he told me that only Irrfan Khan will play Billu?s role.

    Some years back you had launched your portal, Do you think now would have been the right time to launch it?
    Certainly, it would have been the perfect time to launch it. But now I am working with the team of Hungama Digital to start an official site. I want to make it innovative. Inshallah in the next few months I shall find time for that!

    Will you even start blogging?
    Blogging is a great medium to connect with your fans. But you know, the journalists and the media give me so much coverage that almost 90% of what I want to say is conveyed via them. But even when I start blogging it won?t be about my films or my shooting schedules. It will be more personal, about my life, my kids and me!

    Usually 38 per cent of the film?s budget is kept aside for marketing these days. How much is allotted for marketing and promotions for Billu?
    I make the film in 38 per cent itself! Okay, I am just kidding. Marketing and promotions have become really important for a film. Realistically, you should keep around 10 to 30 percent of the budget for marketing. But you can keep 20 percent and go completely wrong or choose even less and still get the best of it.

    How has you association with so many brands helped in the film?s promotion?
    When you tie up with a particular brand, the nature of the film should be kept in mind. For Billu, I tied up with the jewellery brand D?damas because we released the film close to Valentine?s Day. We also tied up with Plywood companies because our film has a very earthy, rustic feel. The association should always benefit the film.

    You changed the film?s name from Billu Barber to Billu to please the barber community. Will you do the same for My Name is Khan should someone feel offended?
    I am hoping that people do not have a problem with the film being called Billu. I do not want to hurt anybody?s feelings or sentiments. If the film is good it really doesn?t matter whether the film is titled Billu or Ullu. Ultimately what counts is that people enjoy the film.

    Three hours and four promotional activities, is this an answer to Aamir?s comments about you having poor marketing skills?
    I promote my films because I want people to know when my films release. I do not take compliments and criticisms seriously because I know what I am doing. I am not answerable to anyone! I don?t know why he said it but when I meet him I would ask him about the difference between being PR savvy and marketing savvy!

    Finally, are you a good marketing person or a PR person?
    Neither, I am just a fantastic person!

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