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    Default I am not at all a fan of Bush: Konkona SenSharma

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    I am not at all a fan of Bush: Konkona SenSharma
    Konkona Sen Sharma is one of the rare actresses who manage to impress the viewers with her prowess to get into the skin of the character that she sets out to portray in every film in which she is acting.

    Whether it was the way she mesmerized the viewers in Page 3 with which she breezed into the film scenario in Bollywood or her thought provoking and mind blowing performance in the English film made by her mother Aparna Sen- Mr & Mrs Iyer, Konkona is one girl who is going to prove to be a threat to all the other actresses in Bollywood.

    Q. Is it true that you were quite intimidated when you were asked to listen to the narration of the script of The President Is Coming?
    A. I was the only outsider to act in the film version, since all the other actors had already acted in the play and hence familiar with each and every character of the film. I was in awe of the entire cast because I admire each and every one as actors and every one knew all their lines, including my lines, except me.

    Every one knew the nuances of my character because they had acted in the play for quiet some time and were well versed with the play and its characters.

    Q. Why do you think you were cast in the film?
    A. The reason Rohan Sippy and Kunaal Roy Kapur wanted to cast me in the film was that they wanted a face which is slightly more known than the rest of the actors though all of them are talented top the core. If I did not suit the part, they would not have bothered to cast me in the film at all.

    Q. What appealed to you as far as the script was concerned?
    A. I went to the RSE office for a narration of the script but had no idea that it would actually end up being an entire script reading session with most of the cast involved. It was a fun evening and I came on board driven by the sheer madness of the film. I loved the concept and thought it would be fun to be a part of something that crazy.

    Q. What is the USP of the film, according to you?
    A. The dialogue derives a lot of inspiration from their stand up comedy and the film is full of smart one liners. The writer Anuvab Pal and the director Kunaal Roy Kapur come from the talented league of stand up comedians.

    The kind of language used in the film is very Indian English. During the workshops done for the play and the film this was improvised and thoroughly brushed up to make it sound authentic.

    Q. What did you like about your role as Maya in the film?
    A. Maya Roy is a crazy Bengali novelist called Maya Roy, who takes herself very seriously and is even keen on meeting President Bush and shake his hand, because she is his fan. What I liked about the role is that she is also a radical woman, who is also very excited because she comes to know that she is nominated for a crossover Book award.

    Q. You are known to be a thinking actress. To what extent did you rely on your director?
    A. I relied on Kunal's brief one hundred per cent, because frankly I had made it a point only to read my lines during the reading without even bothering to know about my character. When I set out top face the camera for the film, I did not know what the script was. All that I was told was that the characters in the film were not real.

    Q. To what extent is the film a psychological study?
    A. The President Is Coming is not a psychological study. Then character of Maya is not a caricature completely though I should say that it moves in that direction. Then film deals with people who have delusion of grandeur.

    I have no hesitation to state that all the time unfortunately I meet mostly people who have delusions of grandeur. Though I concede that as far as real life is concerned, I am not at all competitive, each and every character in the film The President Is Coming is competitive.

    Q. Is it true that the film has set out to make fun of Bush ?
    A. Yes. I am not at all a fan of Bush. I am happy that Obama has replaced Bush in USA. I feel it would be good for world politics and economy that Obama is at the helm of affairs in USA.I sincerely hope that the fun in the film The President Is Coming will be taken in the right spirit by the audiences.

    Q. Did you decide to act in the film because you have an agenda against Bush?
    A. Though I am not a fan of Bush, it does not mean that I am a fan of Obama. I do not think Obama is going to do something for India.

    I am of the opinion that though we can have hopes about Obama because he is more knowledgeable and integrated with the rest of the world, I feel that at the end of the day, all said and done, we have to try to solve our own problems on our own, instead of expecting others to come to our aid every time.

    Q. Do you think that an actor's job is very tricky?
    A. Yes. I am of the opinion that an actor's job is very tricky because he or she has got to fulfill someone else's vision, say some one else's lines, stand where he or she is asked to stand.

    Acting isn't the be all and end all of life. A lot of times I find acting to be boring chore. You spend most of the time waiting when you shoot for a film. Acting is only a shooting experience. The film is more important to me.

    Q. Has it been an advantage or a disadvantage to have Aparna Sen as your mother?
    A. I do not know what the disadvantages of having a director like Aparna Sen as my mother are. I should say I am lucky enough to have her as my mother. Mum started direction when she was 32 with 36 Chowringhee Lane.

    In fact I was born when she was directing that film. I was cast in Mr & Mrs Iyer because I happened to be around mum when she decided on the project. It is a compliment if expectations soar because I happen to be her daughter.

    Mum and I understand each other very well. I know her body language well and she knows that of mine. We are in tune with one another.

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