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    Default I am not on Facebook or Twitter - Sushmita Sen

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    Sushmita Sen who is by now used to being impersonated on the social networking websites has now woken up to a horror beyond the expected.

    An impersonator of the actress on Facebook has actually started asking for money in her name for charity.

    Sen is far from amused, "It's not a game. My impersonator has even opened an account sen real estate apartment for at
    where charitable Facebook participants can donate money."

    The actress who admittedly is not net-savvy, is appalled by the liberties that are being taken, "I've been smiling a little indulgently at all these fake Sushmita Sens on Facebook and Twitter.

    I thought as long as they were not harming me, let them have fun. But now when someone decides to open a charitable account on my behalf it's time to get up and do something to stop people."

    Sushmita got to know of the imposter's monetary maneuvers only when friends called to ask how many zeroes they should put on their cheques.

    "I was zapped! I was like... huh! I do love giving to charitable causes, but not in this tacky way.

    Whoever has the nerve to ask for money and open a website for the purpose trusted in my charitable instincts a bit too much."

    The actress wants to make it clear that she is in no way associated with the Sushmita Sen asking people for money online, "Let me make it very clear.

    I am not on Facebook, Twitter or anything. And I'm certainly not into asking for money for charity on the internet. Hey guys, that's not me!"



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