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    Default Allergy robs Bipasha’s eyesight !!!

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    The bout flu seems to have ceased, but who can stop the minor illness that arrive uninvited. Recently, Bipasha Basu had suffered temporary blindness due to some kind of allergy. It is said that the actress is very sensitive when it comes to her eyes. She has strong eye allergy due to due to dust, flowers, make-up for years. So before putting on any eye make-up she would have medication for her eyes.

    Prior to her eye sore, Bips had severer bout of food poisoning while she was shooting in Kadaikudi for Priyadarshan’s movie and was bedridden for a couple of days. In the process she forgot to take any eye medication. During this time her yoga teacher presented her with a ‘Get-well-soon’ bouquet. Bipasha’s eyes swelled up and shut tight the very next day. On being thrilled to receive the bouquet, the actress had held the bouquet close to her face to smell it, and thus experienced the eye problem. The movie team had to cancel her shoot for two days.

    Now recalling the incident, Bipasha jovially said, “Earlier too my eye has had problems because of the allergy; this became the baap of all allergies.”

    Well, Bips please be careful next time!
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    awww sorry STUPID bipasha TFS NEETI
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    Thank You



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