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    Default Akshay's Speedy Singhs would retain same flavour world over

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    Akshay Kumar is ready with his first ever crossover film Speedy Singhs (titled Breakaway for overseas audience) which is an Indio-Canadian collaboration. However, unlike quite a few films crossover films that have a different cut for 'desi' and 'videsi' audience, Speedy Singhs would retain a common flavour across the globe. This means that despite a different title, audience in India as well as the rest of the world would be basically watching the same film."From the very beginning Akshay was of firm belief that the film's storyline had to stand on its own.

    He expected the same from the narrative as well and hence the film's director Robert Lieberman was given complete freedom to make the film in the way that he wanted. There was no pressure on him to include any quintessential Bollywood elements per se though to cater to the story's setting, it has Hindi, Punjabi and English as the spoken languages", informs a source close to the film. Now this is in sharp contrast to the approach followed by Hrithik Roshan's Kites for which quite some hullabaloo was made about a version each for Indian and overseas market.

    While in India, Kites tanked after a good start, even overseas audience weren't too receptive to the much edited and differently cut Kites - The Remix version. On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan's My Name Is Khan was always designed differently for Indian and international cut and it was hugely successful across the globe. "The only change that has been made to Breakaway though is the title that stands at Speedy Singhs", the source continues, "Akshay is obviously attached to 'Singh', especially after Singh Is Kinng. It has worked him in the past and now since the film by itself has a Sikh backdrop to it, there isn't anything forced about the word 'Singh'.
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