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    Default Akshay's Joker has Shirish hunting for a madhouse

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    Akshay Kumar's film may be titled Joker but instead of hunting for a circus arena, currently the film is looking for a mad house. This hunt for the makers has become even more crucial after the demise of film's art director Samir Chanda last week.

    "After a schedule each in Chandigarh and Mumbai, Joker enters its third schedule in September. A key sequence that has been planned for this schedule requires a 'paagal khaana' setting to it. Director Shirish Kunder as well as Chanda were yet undecided on whether they wanted to shoot in a real asylum or instead construct a set in-house. However, with Chanda no more, Shirish is finding himself in a fix to take a quick call", informs a source from the film's unit.

    For the makers, Chanda was a huge help all through the film's shoot since he always had some practical solutions up his sleeves. Earlier too when Shrish was thinking about shooting in a real forest, Chanda had done the impossible by recreating an entire forest in Mumbai itself.

    "Shirish had been mighty impressed with Chanda's work since he came up with quick solutions that were value for money. Since the film has a fantasy element to it, the sets are supposed to be unique. Moreover, since the film would be presented in 3D, art design becomes all the more crucial to the film as well as mighty challenging. Now for the madhouse sequence, Shirish is yet to decide on the eventual solution", the source continues.

    A decision would have to be taken pronto though since Akshay Kumar's dates come at a premium and the makers can't afford any slippages whatsoever. Since Akshay would soon get busy shooting for Rowdy Rathore, Shirish is working 24X7 to find the most lucrative solution.

    "He was supposed to travel to Pune for a Recce with Chanda as there is an asylum out there which could be a possible location for the film's shoot. However due to Chanda's sudden death, those plans have been kept on hold. Meanwhile Shirish is also having discussions with other art directors to fill in the slot. It has to be seen though whether any of them would be able to put together a set in-house at Mumbai at such a short notice. After all a film like Joker needs a certain vision that should match with that of the director", says a close associate of Shirish.

    Expectedly, one can find Shirish in a tense mood as he goes around the town in hunt for an ideal madhouse. "I have a good creative team with me. I am sure we will be able to find a good enough solution; I can trust them for that", Shirish made a quick comment before excusing himself out of the conversation.

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