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    Default Akshay shows Sly the way of the Veda

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    If Deepak Chopra has introduced half of Hollywood to yoga and spiritual healing, then Akshay Kumar gets the credit for introducing Sylvester Stallone to Ayurveda. An old practitioner of the Indian art of natural healing, Akshay never takes any kind of de-stresser or stress-buster, not even tea or coffee.

    Akshay says, “To this day I don’t drink, not even tea or coffee. I go home straight from work and sleep early. While shooting for Kambakkht Ishq, Stallone and I got down to discussing my passion for Ayurveda. I never knew he would get so hooked on to it.”

    He even provided Stallone with the name of his favourite Ayurvedic doctor. Says Akshay, “I play Sylvester Stallone’s double, but I’ve just 2-3 major action scenes. But I got to spend hours with Stallone in LA. And that’s when we got talking, not boring stuff about our movies, please! Guess what we exchanged notes on? Broken bones! He told me about his problems with his knees. I told him about my back problem and the Ayurvedic treatment for my back. He got really interested in Ayurvedic treatment and wanted all the details.”

    Interestingly, Akshay has never resorted to allopathic treatment for any ailment. “I never pop pills for any ailment, I never run to the medicine cabinet when I get bruised or cut. I completely believe in natural healing. And that goes for the body as much as the mind.”

    Stallone, in fact, wondered why he hadn’t been told about Ayurveda earlier. He apparently intends to tell his other Hollywood colleagues to embrace Ayurveda.

    But Akshay didn’t give away all his tricks. “I didn’t tell him the secret of my youth. Chyawanprash. Some things are much too sacred to be shared,” Akshay joked.



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