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    The popular track, Twist, in Love Aaj Kal is on top of the charts right now. However, originally Pritam had hoped that the song would have been part of Singh Is Kinng. The rhythm of the song was made for Singh Is Kinng, but the last minute decision to bring in Snoop Dogg, knocked the song off their soundtrack. When Pritam made Imtiaz Ali listen to the song, he loved it.

    Our source said, “There wasn’t room for one more track when Snoop Dogg’s song was included. Vipul requested Pritam to keep the song for his forthcoming film. However, when Singh Is Kinng was wrapping up, Pritam was very busy with the music sittings of Love Aaj Kal and that’s when he made Imtiaz listen to the song. Imtiaz loved it and the song was recorded. Incidentally, the Naagin been was added in the song for Love Aaj Kal, as it represented the kal in the song.”

    Imtiaz Ali said, “When I heard the song, the entire rhythm was ready. I am not aware if the song was meant for Singh Is Kinng.”

    Pritam talked about how Twist ended up in Love Aaj Kal. He said, “I desperately attempted to include Twist in Singh Is Kinng. Normally, we always make the promotional track at the end of the film and we give it our best shot. Both Vipulbhai and Aneesbhai loved the track, but it was decided that they would go with the Snoop Dogg song for the end credits. As a music director, I always want the entire album to be mine and I don’t like sharing the music director’s credit with anyone. However, then I didn’t have the Naagin been in the song. It was recorded for Love Aaj Kal.”

    When asked if Vipul Shah had requested him to keep the song for his forthcoming film, Pritam said, “Every producer says that.”



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