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    Default Akshay Kumar's daredevilry in '8x10 Tasveer'

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    An actor who abhors the very thought of a body double doing his stunts, Akshay Kumar is set to enthrall his fans once again with his daredevilry in this Friday’s release 8x10 Tasveer .

    Imagine Akshay tied in chains and thrown underwater where he not only has to unshackle himself but also fight the baddies. Or imagine Akshay jumping off the edge of a cliff, swooping through the air and landing onto water. This and more you will get to see in director Nagesh Kukunoor’s psychological thriller ‘8x10 Tasveer’, co-starring Ayesha Takia , Sharmila Tagore , Javed Jaffrey and Benjamin Gilani.

    The movie has Akshay playing a thirty-plus man who has a unique supernatural gift to see into the past of dead people by touching an object belonging to them or by seeing their photos. A personal tragedy provokes him to use his supernatural powers to unravel a mystery that seems impenetrable to an ordinary mind.


    There’s a scene in the film that reminds of the Hungarian-American conjurer and escapologist Houdini who had a remarkable, almost supernatural ability to extricate himself from ropes, chains and padlocks while locked in a coffin, suspended in the air or dunked in a sea. Akshay did something similar in ‘Tasveer’. For a stunt he was tied up with chains and went underwater without any breathing apparatus. It was an extremely tough scene for which Akshay took special training in Bangkok. During the training Akki learned how to swim underwater without oxygen. The stunt was shot in a pool in Chembur.


    From under water to the edge of a cliff, the second major stunt in the film had Akshay jumping from the dizzying height of 160 feet. Since this one was a very dangerous stunt, the action director did some rehearsals with a duplicate, but when the camera began to roll, it was Akshay who did the stunt. The scene shows Akshay running at full pace and jumping off a high cliff into a big pool of water below. The stunt was shot with the use of cables and though it was dangerous, Akshay “loved doing it”.

    The movie is the first action thriller by Nagesh Kukunoor , who’s made some inspirational films like Iqbal and Dor . However, during the initial days of shooting in Canada, Akshay and Nagesh had their differences. But the director and the actor eventually ironed out their differences and began to gel during the shoots.

    Speaking about the film, Kukunoor told a website: “It is a very significant film. The film's subject makes it stand out among other films and the performance of all the actors have further added to its beauty.”

    The movie, releasing on Friday, is apparently going to be the only big release from Bollywood in April.



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