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    Default Akshay Kumar- I Hope I Don't Drop The Olympic Torch

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    Akshay's biggest regret before he left on Monday night for Toronto to run with the Olympics torch was that his son Aarav couldn't accompany him.

    "It was just for a day. And I somehow managed to squeeze it in to my schedule. For Aarav it'd be too tiring. If I was going for at least 5-6 days I'd have taken my wife and son."

    Humble as ever Akshay says, "Right now as I prepare to leave for Toronto to run with the Olympian torch I just keep telling myself one thing over and over again, 'No matter what happens, Akshay, don't drop that torch. Naak kat jayegi' It'd be so embarrassing. I'd never be allowed to come back to Canada."

    Akshay had gone to Priyadarshan to get permission. "I had to ask my director for a few days off from his tight schedule of 'Khatta Meetha'. He kindly agreed. Now I'm very excited to be part of something as prestigious as the winter Olympics. I just feel the whole experience will be truly inspiring. I think this is one of the biggest happenings in my life."

    Akshay has been working round the clock to beat the deadline for his departure. On Monday morning he was not tired. "Only when I go home in the night do I allow myself the luxury of feeling tired. On 17th I run with the torch. Then I return to Canada again to see some of the Olympics sports. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

    On November 16 the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper handed over the Olympian torch to Akshay in Mumbai. "When I was given the torch some kids came running to just to touch that torch. They wanted to know what the Olympic torch feels like. I can't tell you what a proud moment that was. To hold that Olympian torch in my hand was so pleasing. I remember as a child on black-and-white television I used to see sportsmen carrying the torch."


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