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    Smile Akshay Kumar Following in Brad Pitt's Footsteps?

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    What could one of Hollywood's hottest stars, Brad Pitt, have in common with one of Bollywood's biggest stars? Well, Akshay Kumar is set to star in a film where the character's age progresses backwards in time. Sound familiar? If you recall Brad Pitt starred in the film, 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' which was released in December, in which he played a man who aged in reverse, starting life as an old man and ending it as a young child. Now we hear Akshay will star in a film titled, 'Action Replay' in which he will reverse in age. Hmm... sounds a lot like 'Benjamin Button' to us!

    The director of the film, Vipul Amrutlal Shah says that's not the case, that in fact, the film is going to be a romantic comedy and is not similar to Benjamin Button. Okay, so it's a romantic comedy, but it's quite obvious the story idea came from Bejamin Button.

    In 'Action Replay' Akshay's character starts off as an older man at 62 and grows younger into a 26 year old college-aged guy. Much like Benjamin Button which won two Academy Awards for Best Makeup and Best Visual Effects, there will be a lot of meticulous makeup required, because of this director Vipul Shah is said to be in talks with Hollywood makeup artist, Paul Pattison.

    The film is expected to go on the floors this month and will be the first time Bollywood is venturing into a film such as this. Also, Akshay's co-star will be the beautiful Aishwariya Rai Bachchan. The pair was last seen together in the action flick, 'Khakee.'

    So we want to know what you guys think about Akshay Kumar's upcoming film. Does it sound a little too much like 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' or do you think they were just inspired by the Hollywood film? Drop us a comment with your thoughts!



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