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    Default How Akshay Kumar deals with all the stress

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    How Akshay Kumar deals with all the stress
    Akshay Kumar is certainly the man of the moment. First it was courtesy his much hyped film CC2C (which eventually bombed at the B.O.) and then it was due to the fact that he received the prestigious Padma Shri honour. Now the 'Khiladi' of Bollywood is seen on the cover page of the 'Complete Wellbeing' magazine this month.

    The 'Complete Wellbeing' magazine has yet again managed to showcase a major celebrity in a different light. The February issue of 'Complete Wellbeing', is a 'Life Energy' special issue and hence it comes as no surprise that the issue features none other than Akshay Kumar- one of the most energetic, fit and successful actors of the Hindi film industry

    In an exclusive interview, Akki speaks about how instead of slowing down with age, he has only picked up speed and gotten better. He also reveals the mature and grounded side of him, which is in stark contrast with his bubbly and energetic side.

    "Life is super-hectic-you barely have time to take a deep breath, and the stress never seems to go away. To cope with this, you need to be physically fit and be able to find your inner balance," says Akshay.

    Speaking on the choice of Akshay Kumar for their 'Life Energy' special issue, Manoj Khatri, Editor and Publisher of 'Complete Wellbeing' says, "Usually people associate energy with a healthy body.

    But, like in Akshay's case, a healthy mind too plays a very important role in making a person energetic. You cannot be energetic and give your best even though you are physically fit if you are feeling low,"

    Besides featuring Akshay Kumar in a no-holds barred interview, the February issue also has over 12 articles based on energy that all cover areas of an individual's life. It also has fitness tips from Hollywood trainer Mike Ryan, power dressing tips, 10 Top Energy Foods and much more.

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