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    Smile Facts about Akshay Kumar

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    Akshay Kumar’s Kambakht Ishq released yesterday to packed houses, so we bring you some facts of Akki’s life:

    • Akshay was born as Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia in Amritsar. His father was a government worker.
    • Akki’ first car was a Fiat. Today, the owner of a Porsche, Bentley and Merc, prefers to commute in his Honda CRV. Earlier, he used to drive around with son Aarav in a Zen, which had a ‘Baby on Board’ sticker.
    • He loves a tan-colour belt which has the word ‘Lust’ inscribed on it. He wears it every day!
    • Once in Milan, he bought a locket for Twinkle, in which he lovingly placed a note. It read: “This is to lock you with me forever”.
    • The actor, who is on a blood-group diet,complains, “I earn so much, but still cannot eat!” His day starts with two glasses of warm water.
    • Akki used to earn Rs 4,000 a month teaching martial arts in Bombay after returning from Bangkok where he was a waiter.
    • The not-too fashion conscious star’s funda is: When in doubt, wear blue jeans and a white shirt!
    • A number of handbags his ma-in-law Dimple Kapadia flaunts are gifted by him.
    • He visits the Four Bungalows Gurdwara whenever he is in Mumbai.
    • Though he made his debut in Deedar, Akshay’s first film appearance was in Aaj, where he played a martial arts instructor for five seconds!
    • Akshay has turned his old house into a gym. Two floors are dedicated to Parkour, an exercise he and Aarav train in.
    • Once in Australia, the fitness freak walked up and down an 80-storey building because he could not hit the gym!
    • Akshay does not prefer to read books. However, his book is releasing soon.
    • He’s crazy about sushi. Also loves gulab jamuns and jalebis dipped in milk.
    • He used to jog at 4 a.m on Mumbai roads to avoid being mobbed.

    Well now you know your Khiladi alot better.

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