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    Default Akshay gifts Rs. 30 lakhs to Tees Maar Khan team

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    Akshay Kumar is indeed ecstatic with the way Tees Maar Khan has shaped up and looking like a potential money spinner at the box office. So much so that he has in fact distributed a bonus of Rs. 30 lakhs to the crew of the film.

    "This isn't something new that Akshay has done though", informs a highly placed source, "In each of his productions even earlier on, Akshay has always distributed a bonus in the tune of 10-20-30 lakhs to the workers. These are generally people like spot boys, light boys, cook etc. who otherwise get ignored. Though the prominent crew members get hefty pay cheques, these people don't. Akshay really feels for them and wants to see them happy after the hard work they have put in the making of the film."

    Ditto was the case with Tees Maar Khan as well, more so when the film first's major schedule was wrapped in 30 days flat.

    Confirms Farah Khan, the film's director, "Akshay was so happy with the speedy progress that the film was making that he didn't hesitate spending Rs.30 lakhs from his own pocket. We all had a target to meet as we had announced Christmas as the release date for the film's arrival. The entire crew knew about that and was quite motivated about delivering the right results."

    "When everyone brought to the floors what was promised, Akshay didn't hesitate a single moment to reach out to the crew - mainly the ones who work on per-day basis - and hand over the money to them", she continues, "The workers were of course touched by the gesture."

    In fact Akshay had extended this offer when he was also busy paying advance tax worth crores to the Government. He was the highest tax payer amongst the Bollywood fraternity in 2009-2010 whereas in the second quarter of 2010-11, he has already paid Rs. 4.5 crore as Income Tax.

    Smiles Farah, "Yeah, he is earning for himself and then giving it back to his team as well as the Government."



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