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    Default Akki runs amok in busy London traffic, wins the bet !!!

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    Akshay Kumar, who is busy shooting for Sajid Khan's House Full, took up his fitness trainer and driver's challenge to perform a stunt in real. The bet was that Akshay run right in the middle of the busy traffic of London lane. Thus apna Khiladi Kumar started running.

    A unit member said, "We all started hooting and shouting that he will not be able to do it. The public would block his way."

    But iron-will Akshay would have none of it, as he dodged through the zooming traffic in full speed.

    "Watching Akshay run, his fans started following him. They wanted to know if he is the real Akshay Kumar. Some who recognized Akshay even invited him for lunch," said the unit member.

    Akshay won the challenge hands down. Now that does not come as a surprise, does it?

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    Thank You Very Much .

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    Thanks for sharing



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