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    Red face How Akki found name of his latest film

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    How Akki found name of his latest film
    Amusingly enough, Vipul Shah's keenly awaited mega release found its title from the back of a truck!

    Laughs Akshay Kumar, "When I was driving back from Jaipur there was a Sardarji's truck in front of our car. At the back of the truck were the words, Singh is King. I absolutely loved the phrase and it went well with the theme of our film. I rang Vipul immediately and told him that I'd found him a brilliant title!"

    In the same breath, Kumar adds, "Despite the title, the film is not about any specific community.

    Through the Sikh character I play in the film (Happy Singh) we're trying to convey that anyone with a positive attitude in life can be a king. It's all about attitude, spirit and self-esteem



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