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    Default Ajay Devgn charges 12 crores?

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    Ajay Devgn hikes his fees as an excuse to get out of 'Aarakshan'...

    Actor Ajay Devgn had his problems with Prakash Jha once 'Rajneeti' released. Ajay felt he got a raw deal, and that the role given to him was far less impacting than those given to other actors. Prakash Jha and Ajay Devgn have been good friends and have done several films together.

    Sources inform us, that post Rajneeti's release, Ajay and Jha even sat together and ironed out their differences. "They sorted out their issue, and everything seemed to be fine between Prakash and Ajay." However, Ajay, who was to be a part of Prakash Jha's 'Aarakshan' soon opted out of the multi-starrer and Saif Ali Khan is known to have replaced him.

    We hear, "Ajay suddenly raised his remuneration. He quoted a price of about Rs. 12 crores. Jha had no choice but to replace Ajay. It looked like Ajay wasn't very excited about his role and wanted to find a way to get out of it. Also, the Rajneeti incident was quite fresh at the time."

    So, it's after a long time that Ajay Devgn won't be part of a Prakash Jha film. But as the saying goes... the show must go on, and that's just what's happening, but with Saif instead.
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