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    Default Aishwarya suited to play Rekha?

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    Diva Rekha has announced that she’s penning her autobiography, and there are talks that the beauty is keen to make a film adaptation of the book on her life as well. With Aishwarya Rai having played the protagonist in the modern Urmao Jaan, just like Rekha did in the yesteryear classic, the big question now is: Who is the most apt actress to play celluloid Rekha... Indiatimes Movies got in touch with a few filmmakers for their views...

    Subhash Ghai:
    I would opt to cast Rekha herself. Why settle for a duplicate when the original is in front of you? She is a remarkable looker, a great actresss ... And if not Rekha, I’d settle for a new face. None of the actress’ of today would fit the bill...

    Rakesh Roshan:
    Uff...what do I say to this? I really can’t think of ayone who can play Rekha. She has had a long journey, has been most versatile... if she played the typical Indian woman to the tee, she looked glamorous as the Western lady, too. There’s no one who would match up to her elegance, style, versatility, personality... I truly can’t think of anyone.

    Vikram Bhatt:
    Hmmm... Maybe Kangana Ranaut. You know when you think Rekha, you think of a mercurial kind of person; you assume a storm behind the calm. And when you look at Kangana, you feel that way, too. I believe that people are not what they look but what they feel, and to get someone who merely looks like Rekha wouldn’t be the right choice.

    Imtiaz Ali
    That’s a very tough one... If one had to describe Rekha, you know she has that certain ‘namak’’s difficult to put that quality down in English. And no actress of today seems to have that... I mean who can you expect to do a dil cheez kya hai ala Rekha? I think Rani Mukherjee may just be able to pull off a role like that...but I’m not so sure.

    Abhishek Kapoor
    It would have to be a new face... Someone who is a brilliant actress. At the same time I’m sure the script and the story would be so rocking, it would be one powerful package.

    Madhur Bhandarkar
    I’d opt for a new actress. The problem with casting any of the girls of today is that they come with an image, and that wouldn’t be right. So you’d want a fresh start for a fresh story... without any assumptions, judgements...

    Question: Which current day actress can play the role of Rekha, if a biopic is to be made on her?


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