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    Default Aishwarya Rai: Will Her Raavan Fly Higher Than The Kites

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    Aishwarya Rai: Will Her Raavan Fly Higher Than The Kites, The tsunami of fans that Miss World Aishwarya Rai possesses is eagerly awaiting her upcoming film Raavan which is also one of the most anticipated films of the year. But in the year of ups and downs, it won’t be a shock if this love-hate-betrayal saga fails to live upto the hype.

    With Hrithik Roshan’s hugely advertised Kites plunging down the sky in less than 2 days and Shahrukh Khan’s ‘My Name is Khan’ turning out to be well short of Aamir Khan’s ‘3 Idiots’, most films these days are bitter chocolates presented to us wrapped and packed in a bright, sugar-coated cover.

    However, in favour of Raavan, one may venture out to suggest that it’s unlikely to be as bad or disappointing as Kites. With the renowned Mani Ratnam at the helm of its affairs and an intriguing storyline themed on the mythological epic Ramayan, it has, hitherto, generated the right amount of publicity and eagerness amongst the people and film-critics.

    The songs picturized in the exotic locales of wilderness coupled with racy cinematography and clever teaser trailers, the film seems all set for reaping a lavish opening day harvest. But, as the new saying dictates, ‘The content is the king’, if the storyline fails to provide the promised adrenaline, then, no matter how beautiful Aishwarya Rai is, it will sink and sink deeper than Mallika Sherawat’s neckline.
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