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    Default AISHA girl Amrita Puri plays the leading lady in BLOOD MONEY

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    A year and a half after AISHA, Amrita Puri would be seen as the leading lady opposite Kunal Khemu in BLOOD MONEY. However the pretty girl doesn't regret the months gone by when she didn't face the camera for the big screen. Reason being that in the interim period she did some advertisements and to her welcome relief and a pleasant surprise, she wasn't asked to repeat her 'behenji' act, as was the case in AISHA.

    BLOOD MONEY movie stills

    "The good part is that many who saw me in these advertisements didn't realise that it was indeed me on screen. Even in real life I am nowhere close to the way I was projected in AISHA. This is the reason why when some people meet me in person, they end up being a little bewildered because while they get a sense of familiarity, they can't pinpoint on where exactly they have seen me. Well, I actually take that as a very big compliment when people don't recognize me because this shows that I am doing my job right as an actor", she chuckles.



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