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    Arrow Aish Finally talks about Kat!

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    Post marriage; it is a trend that female actors are often written off but in the case of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, news has it that the light eyed beauty is one of the busiest female stars in Bollywood. With ‘Endhiran’, ‘Ravana’, ‘Action Replay’ and ‘Guzaarish’, the Bachchan bahu has quite a few acting assignments. Apart from acting in big banners, the actress is associated with popular brands.

    Apart from acting in big banners, the actress is associated with popular brands. Talking to a news daily, when the actress was enquired about her brand endorsements, Aishwarya said, “I’ve always been very selective about the brands I endorse. There’s no rat race. Every endorsement has a story behind it. The bottomline is, I don’t like endorsing brands which are anywhere and everywhere.”

    Of late, there is a buzz that a popular jewellery brand has dropped Aishwarya in lieu of Katrina Kaif. When enquired about the same, the actress replied, “I would like to say this loud and clear; I chose not to renew my contract with the jewellery brand. I had a contract with another brand under which that particular jewellers came. Once they parted ways, I decided not to endorse them anymore.”

    Clearing the air on her brand endorsements, the actress maintained, “No one every dropped me. I chose not to renew certain contracts. Like the one with the cola brand. Post marriage I decided not to endorse them anymore as Pa and Abhishek were endorsing the rival cola brand. I didn’t want any confusion in the consumer’s mind.”

    In Bollywood, it is usually found that actress come with a shelf life, when enquired about her marriage status and B-town innings, the actress said, “Earlier, it was tough for a heroine to get work after marriage. Their so-called brand value would depreciate. That didn’t happen with me, as I`ve always aspired to push the envelope.”

    The actress confesses, “I have a secret pride, you know. I’ve always wanted to work after marriage and I couldn’t see why that should change after I tied the knot. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a hardcore feminist. I’m a humanist.”

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