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    Itís no secret that directors and producers are constantly on the lookout for younger, hipper and sexier actresses. Actors on the other hand donít really have a shelf life and mature into their movie careers like fine wine, take Amitabh Bachchan, for instance. So, are older actresses being dethroned even as younger actresses bring their youthful charm and energy to the screen? Thereís no disputing that 35-year-old Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan is one of the more sought after faces in the industry. But in the recent past, she has been steadily losing film offers, commercial deals and even Internet hits to younger women like Katrina Kaif and Kareena. Where Katrina and Kareena are given fun and sexy roles to play, the likes of Ash are given period pieces and such to play.
    Katrinaís girlish charm and fresh looks appeal to a broader age-group, and itís evident that the preference for young faces is also based on peopleís preferences. In fact, the 24-year-old Katrina recently displaced the 30 something Sushmita Sen in a Pantene commercial deal; and of course, became the face of Barbie instead of Ash. And up and coming star Deepika Padukone not only edged Ash out from Kalpana Lajmiís ĎSinghasaní, but also scored the BSNL ad from 34-year-old Preity Zinta. In this onslaught from the younger beauties, Ash also lost her lucrative LíOreal deal to the sweet and sassy Sonam Kapoor.
    Take the case of actress Rani Mukherji, who after a string of flops, has found herself ousted by the perky Genelia Dísouza. Brands such as Perk (the ad that made Preity Zinta popular) and Fanta signed on Genelia the moment Janne Tu Ya Jaane Na established her as a favorite with Generation Y. Next on Geneliaís platter is Vatika hair oil that was once in Raniís bag. And proving that Generation Y is looking for the newest phenomenon is town is Asinís Miranda ad that has her shaking things up in traditional situations.In the South, actresses like Jyothika and Simran displaced older women like Meena and Suganya. In their turn they lost their throne to Sneha and Laila, who in turn were overtaken by Asin and Trisha.
    This is not a new phenomenon. Indian film history proves that while the Kapoors and the Khans can continue to rule well into their years, actresses always have to slide over for the next sensation in town. And in Bollywood, older stars like Kajol, Shilpa Shetty and Lara Dutta are making few to no movies at all. Instead they prefer to shift gears to reality shows (think Shetty and Big Brother) or opt for heavy off-beat roles. In fact Zinta has been very vocal about her distaste for glam roles, and thinks itís better left to the newcomers. Where some actresses cite marriage as one of the reasons for not doing more movies, many stars simply say that the right role hasnít come along. Thatís logical considering one canít imagine the mature Ash in a role like the one Katrina essayed in ĎNamastey Londoní.
    Another factor that probably plays a role in established actresses losing out to new ones is payment. Itís only an Aishwarya that can demand six crores for a movie, not a Kareena. All aspects considered, the young divas today will one day find themselves making room for the divas of tomorrow! Such is the circle of life in filmdom.

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