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    Default 'We take advantage of Salman' - ARBAAZ and SOHAIL KHAN

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    They finally admit that they are taking advantage of Salman Khan. However, Arbaaz and Sohail Khan hasten to add that they are not taking undue advantage of him.
    "You can ask Salman-bhai this. I always ask him how much he got paid for his last him film and I make it a point to pay him a few notches higher. I, of course, take advantage of my access to him because I am part of the same family. But let me tell you that there were several occasions when he (Salman) said 'no' on my face," says Sohail.
    Arbaaz, who is debuting as a producer this October, has a different take on the matter. "There are only three or four bankable stars in the country right now and Salman is among them. So, I really don't have a choice. Yes, he seems to be running our production houses but that is a fact. When I decided to do the film with him, I also felt that I am giving him one of the best scripts of his career. So, I am giving him back something, isn't it?" he asks.
    In spite of Arbaaz using Sohail's production office in Bandra, he says he will be shifting office to a new address soon. Why? Wasn't it easier to be business partners? Pat come the answer from both of them like a typical Khan, all of them headstrong and that's the best way to avert a clash of 'creative' interests.
    "Going separate ways will give both of us the creative freedom. We don't have to agree with each other all the time and yet consult and seek help whenever necessary. He can make movies that appeal to him and I can make my kind of movies," says Arbaaz.
    And talking about independent decisions, that's exactly what Sohail has done for his next production Kisaan, where he is the hero. "I have partnered with a pharmaceutical company and will be screening my movie in 100 villages where there are no movie theatres and in some cases, no electricity. This is for a social cause and won't be part of the marketing process," Sohail ends.


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