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    Lightbulb Adnan Sami in Drunken Brawl

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    [DOWN]It's not a good time for Adnan Sami! The singer, who had earlier made headlines due to a fight with his wife, has now received more bad publicity for getting into a spat with the son of a top cop.

    Apparently, the incident took place at the trial show for Shahid and Genelia's flick 'Chance Pe Dance.' Sami was one of the few invited but soon caused a ruckus when he got into an argument with a fellow viewer, The viewer took objection to Sami placing both his legs on the front seat, thus disturbing the young man sitting ahead.

    As luck would have had it, Sami was reportedly, "completely drunk" at the time, and the young man was the son of a very important cop. After initial hot words were exchanged, the argument soon turned into a full blown spat, drawing the attention of everyone at the screening!



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