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    Default Most actresses wear bikinis: Tanushree

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    Asks Bollywood star Tanushree Dutta in a bare-all interview with TOI

    Your recent film has come and gone, what do you think went wrong with it?

    It is all because of wrong publicity. I donít want to sound judgmental as the film has just released, but if it isnít doing well at the box-office, then itís no thanks to the wrong kind of promotional gimmicks.

    There was a lot of buzz about the bold scenes in the film...
    Thatís what went wrong for the film. That publicity stunt turned the filmís fate completely. It was supposed to be a thriller, meant to be watched with family. Had I known harping on bold scenes would be a publicity tool, I would not have done the film. Having said so, I think the scenes which have been termed Ďboldí were aesthetically shot. Unfortunately, actors like me do not have a say in a filmís publicity. Only established actors enjoy that privilege.

    Are you cautious of doing bold scenes now?

    I bore the brunt of doing bold scenes right after my first film hit the screens. People were constantly criticising me for scenes that I believe were done in good taste. I have grown up on a wide variety of films. In the past weíve had films Ram Teri Ganga Maili and Mera Naam Joker which had much bolder scenes...I dunno why people conveniently forget them? I was appalled with the kind of negative feedback I got from a certain section of the media. Since I was a raw newcomer those days, I went into a defense mode and was actually apologetic for doing those scenes. I am the kind of person who gets affected easily by peopleís comments, I am very sentimental. Looking back, I think I should not have apologised for things that I believed were right.

    Do you think voyeurism is blown out of proportion these days?
    Absolutely. I wonder if there is any actor who can claim that she has not done a kissing scene or worn a bikini in her film career. Why do I get singled out for doing a bold scene or sporting a bikini when every other actor does the same? The Hindi film industry has its share of purists who are always ready to criticise you. They had actually managed to scare me off from doing bold scenes. But over the years, I have grown confident and today I believe in doing what I want to do.

    You have had bad experiences in the past with senior actors, where you have been quite outspoken. Do you think you have paid the price for being too vocal?

    I have been outspoken when I needed to be so and have stayed silent when required. I believe one cannot follow the same behavioural pattern always. One needs to act according to the given situation. I donít hold anyone responsible for my failure or success other than myself. But I am grateful to those who at one time wrote me off. Criticisms have actually shaped me into the actor that I am today.

    But in the kind of industry you belong to ó which is easier ó being outspoken or making compromises?

    One needs to be diplomatic. I have had both bad and good phases in my career. But my power of conviction and belief in myself has helped me. I think I have reaped the fruits of conviction and diplomacy.

    So, whatís the plan now?

    There are lots of offers, but Iíll take them up in August. Now, I am off for a long holiday in the US with my friends. I havenít taken a break in five years and I deserve this.

    What about settling down?
    I donít look at relationships as an alternative to a failing career. I would like to tie the knot at the peak of my career. Itís a common notion that when an actor has nothing to do, she should get married. I donít not buy that idea. Of course, I havenít found my Mr Right yet, so I am waiting for him.



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