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    Default Actress Sheena Nayyar unravels her Cover Story

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    Sheena Nayyar made her Bollywood debut with a rather obscure film- Mallika last year. This year, however, the actress looks forward to making some noise with the release of her second film Cover Story opposite Jackie Shroff.

    As a photo shoot for the movie progressed at Mehboob studios, Sheena Nayyar spoke to A. Ganesh Nadar in between shots about her Bollywood experience so far and her future plans.

    We know so little about you. Tell us something about yourself.

    I was born in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. As my dad was in the army I traveled around during my childhood. My mom's a housewife and I have a brother. I've done my graduation from Delhi University.

    How did movies happen?

    It was not an impulsive decision. While I was in college in Delhi, I started modeling. Then I came to Mumbai for better opportunities. One thing led to another and then I got a chance to do a movie.

    Did your family support your decision to be in films?

    Yes! To a certain extent though. Initially thery were skeptical about my decision because I didn't know anyone in Mumbai. So I really had to convinve them to let me do it.

    They came around eventually when they saw how far I'd come

    You don't have connections in Bollywood so how difficult was it for you to break in?

    These days every profession is competitive and difficult, unless you are going into your own family business. It is difficult to get a good job anywhere. It is mainly your hard work, your focus, where you want to be and what you want to achieve. Your friend circle, your contacts, your PRs, everything matters.

    You have to develop your talents. I went for dance classes. I did theatre. I worked hard and was focused. In Bollywood you cannot do anything without friends and well wishers. I have a lot of well wishers here now.

    How did you land the lead role in Mallika?

    I went to the Percept office as I knew they were casting actors for the film. I met director Louis and the Percept people. They were looking for someone who could play the character convincingly. I went through several rounds of auditions. I really liked the script and they liked my performance. Maybe I was there at the right time, the right moment and it clicked. I got that role.

    Mallika didn't do very well. How did you get Cover Story opposite Jackie Shroff?

    This movie has got nothing to do with how Mallika did because I got this role before Mallika released. After I finished shooting for my first film, I started shooting for this one.

    Do you think the struggle was worth it?

    (Laughs) I will think and decide when I reach where I want to. I want to do some more projects. I wish to work with certain people. If you ask me now, I am happy with what I am doing. It's been worth it. Rather than doing small jobs its better to explore and go ahead.

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