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    Smile Accident On Hill Road suffers heavy cuts

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    Accident On Hill Road’ has got an ‘A’ certificate from the censor board. However the board seems to be unsatisfied by leaving the film with that alone. They said to have asked the film’s maker to delete few intimate scenes of the lead couple.

    ‘Accident On Hill Road’ features a love making scene between Celina Jaitly and Abhimanyu Singh that extends for nearly 1 min and 50 secs. The censor team who found this too hot to handle, has asked Mahesh Nair to do away with the bedroom scene.

    The director was naturally quite unhappy with the order and justified his point by saying, “The portion they have raised objections to, doesn't even have a lip-lock. Despite that they have problems with it.”

    Besides, the Board had problems with other shots of the film. Nair went on to explain, “Their first problem was that they objected to the lady removing her undergarments in the scene. However, Celina wears stockings that Abhimanyu removes before their lovemaking. I don't think stockings are undergarments, and the board should understand that.”

    The director further added, “Secondly, they had an issue with too much caressing happening between the actors. They told me instead of touching each other why can't they express their love by looking at each other, through their eyes! Lastly, they thought that one minute and 50 seconds was too long a time for the actors to establish a relation between the two. All these points are totally baseless and unwarranted.”

    Nair feels this is truly unfair from the Board, for he stated that in the recent past, there have been movies depicting violence and sex but that has gone unnoticed. “I don't want to take names, but there have been so many films this year with enough lip-locks and fight scenes depicting brutality which have made it without cuts, why give a different treatment to me?” fumed the director.

    ‘Accident On Hill Road’ stars Farooque Shaikh, Celina Jaitly and Abhimanyu Singh and the film will hit the screens coming 31 December

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